Shit Happens

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Half-Nekkid Thursday

LMC's puppy Franklin.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For Kys - my weekend

I wasn't sure if I would go out this weekend - I should be staying in to save money, etc. etc. etc.

But I get bored. And like to drink.

Which becomes even more evident when I'm on Kyle and Shoo's couch on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

My very christian hairdresser left me two messages to change my hair appt. to 3 p.m. I got the message late, so I called her back, called my mom to retrieve me and my car, asked her to bring a shirt that would cover at least 2/3 of my breasts (the one from the night before was NOT appropriate).

She brought me one of her shirts.

With a large kitty on the front and flowers on the sleeves.
I'm not kidding.

AND she had already busted me out to the hair lady that I didn't make it home the night before.
(I would switch stylists, but this girl is good)


Saturday I stayed in and watched movies with me mom. She told me to get the "movie nominated for the Academy Award with the pimp."


"Just ask for the movie up for the Academy Award with a pimp. And there's whores, but I don't think you should mention them."

But what's a pimp without his whores mom??

I figured out that she meant Hustle and Flow, but I got Cinderella Man and March of the Penguins instead.

I have some questions regarding the penguin movie and related issues:

1. Do they ever get lazy and just risk laying their eggs on the thin ice? Seriously, more penguins have to die on the miles-long journey back and forth from the nesting ground than would actually fall through the ice say, a mile inland.

2. With all these babies dying, do they ever family swap? The moms don't make it back with food all the time. (because they have their babies too damn far from where they feed!) Why don't the tough moms who make it back, and baby daddies couldn't keep their kid alive, hook up with one of the responsible dads whose baby momma was weak and keeled on the journey?

It makes sense to me.

3. LMC told me she liked the movie. (Which is surprising, considering no rocks were even visible through the snow) She said she is a Morgan Freeman fan.

The girl who never has an opinion on anything has an opinion on Morgan Freeman.

This may explain our friendship.