Shit Happens

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

myspace deaths

This was posted on a myspace bulletin and I was obsessed with it for at least a half hour.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One day, when everybody is finally grey ...

I was listening to NPR this morning (taking a break from my poetry tapes - yes, I'm serious) and they announced that Springfield has hired 15 new police officers. Ten white men, two African-American men and two white women.

I don't care who they hire, all of my experience with cops has been negative and I don't care for them much. But I do think that a newsperson should either refer to them as "white" and "black," or, "Caucasian-American" and "African-American."

(My 70ish-year-old Grandmother, who works at a quilting store and not a newsroom calls my black cousins "colored." As unacceptable as this is, I give her an "A" for effort and slight hilariousness)

I know, it sounds petty, but if you're going to be uptight and PC, be uptight and PC across the board. Even my A.P. book says that the "preferred style is black." The worst is when people make racist comments and inferences, but say "African-American" - as if using the "correct" term negates their racist comment.

I mean, whenever I make racial inferences and blatantly prejudice remarks, I just say black people.

UPDATE: Meet a black guy. Just for fun.=