Shit Happens

Friday, July 14, 2006

Triscuit dust and condom stock

Last night I went to some punkyish-gayish bar were I got hammered on screwdrivers, admired PhilO's hot Brittish friend and decided that if lesbians looked that good in the midwest I would convert.

Then we went to a trashy dance/pool place were the ratio of men to women was around 3 to 4. I was already with two cute guys so I left the trash-guys alone and made friends with all the hot ladies for buddies.

All attempts were unsuccessful.

I spent part of the night on the floor because the bed spun too much. Phil has all these down sheets/pads/pillows, which I'm allergic too, but are extrtemely confortable.

I forgot to get keys from him this morning so now his apartment is spotless. Kitchen, floors, windows - I washed the bathtub so I could take a bath in it. (I know, I didn't learn from my first time cleaning a friend's apt., but I have faith this time it will go better)

While cleaning I found out that PhilO has more condoms than an Amsterdam whorehouse. (They were out! I didn't go through the drawers or anything)

Good for him.

The only snack food I could find was Triscuits. I breath in the little Triscuit dust while chewing and might be coughing for the rest of my life.

I'm in heaven.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chimes of Freedom Flashing

(Chimes ring, not flash. Although I enjoy the consonence, it doesn't make sense. And why does everyone say "alliteration," when they usually mean "consonence"? And when am I going to figure out how to spell??)

In the past week I've met four cousins, hiked down a waterfall to swim, bought four pairs of shoes totalling less than $65, and learned the use and purposes of six different types of gun.
I knew I was missing out in the midwest, but I had no idea how much. My family has treated me as if I never left. No one smokes here. Everyone recyles. Moutains and greenery line the highways. I HAVEN'T SEEN A SINGLE CORN FIELD!!!
I have no idea which area I want to live in, but I'm missing so much by being away. I really need to come up with a concrete plan that includes moving within a few years (ASAP). It's going to be so hard to leave on Saturday ...