Shit Happens

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The man I sleep with every night ...

Look for your favorite cat Princess/Gizmo/Ninja Kitty on

He just submitted his photo, but he's sure he and his dirty book will show up soon.

HNT - necklace

Things are ... going. I can't really decide what I think of them. I need to move out, which means finding a roommate or a second job. Both seem unlikely at the moment. I need do to a few other things ... and I just don't. Anyone have an extra dose of motivation, self-control and self-confidence to send my way??

I got some photos developed today. I can't figure out which necklace I have on in this picture. If anyone know, please e-mail: hah

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday rant

Pulling up next to my car at a stop light and hacking at me because I am smoking in my car (this has happened to me twice!!) only makes me want to light TWO cigarettes and blow them both your way.

Sell your minivan, buy some damn birth control and get a life.